Welcome to the 2017 Buddy Derby!!!

Our 8th Annual Buddy Derby will be held from now until December 31, 2017. As always, Horse and Buddy counts on your generosity to continue to enrich the lives of our wonderful riders. With your support, in the past year, we have:

You can help by making a donation in support of a rider, a volunteer, a horse, or the program in general. OR you can send something to those special people on your list this year who have everything! A charitable contribution is a wonderful way to honor them and support Horse and Buddy at the same time. Simply include their name and address on the donation form and we will send them a card letting them know of your gift. Check to see how your favorites are doing this year on our interactive leader board!

Remember: your gift will help to improve the lives of all of our riders. We have a special volunteer/rider story to share this year. Hana has ridden with us for a few years, and her dad, Jeremy, decided he wanted to volunteer too. She is adorable and he has become a much cherished volunteer with both riders and staff! Click here to read their story; you don't want to miss this one!

To make an online gift, simply click on the "Buddy Derby" button below. If you are supporting anyone in particular, just type their name in the box so we can let them know and put them on the race board!

Person you are supporting (not required!):

If you prefer to donate by cash or check, please send your gifts to:
Horse & Buddy - Buddy Derby
PO Box 675
Apex, NC 27502

If you have any additional questions about the Derby or Horse & Buddy, please contact Janet Mason (janetmaso@hotmail.com)

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